Simmenthal is an iconic brand based in Italy and is specialized in canned meat. It has been loved by Italian generations for almost a century with its distinctive taste; brought by the combination of premium quality beef, vegetable gelatin and a few drops of honey.
After 95 years in the business, in 2018, Simmenthal decides to celebrate its legacy with a limited edition by reaching out to Marimo for a call to the younger generations - resulting in a freshly designed “butcher” style packaging that represents a top quality product.

Being the highly reputable brand that it is, keeping its focal points in place was one of our main goals. The logotype has only been modified in colour and outline. The cow on the other hand is now a filled silhouette, giving it a more iconic appeal, and has been slightly reduced in size. The visual impact of the logo remains the same, having also added a claim of historical value.

This project is mentioned on Best Design Awards by DesignRush
among The Best Meat Packaging Designs.

Year: 2018
Client: Simmenthal
Project Type: Packaging design for limited edition
Account: Marta Tracanna
Copywriting: Camilla Valle Porlezza
Design: Ines Somai
Agency: Marimo