Designers Against Coronavirus is a digital archive collecting the best of Italian and international artists’ and designers’ artworks. It was born with the goal of raising funds to fight the Covid-19 outbreak back in March 2020. The funds went directly to the Italian Red Cross with whom DAC collaborated. It was a form of universal design as every designer could speak of different aspects in a common crisis.

My first poster (the blue one) visually represents how I felt about the virus at the beginning. I imagined it everywhere in the air, people didn’t necessarily have to be passing by. Hence the big red suffocating scribble.

The second poster is more of a question mark: what will happen after this pandemic? Will we go back to how things were before? Maybe it will be the same and will naturally transition?

Year: 2020
Client: Designers Against Coronavirus by CaroselloLab
Project Type: Poster design
Design: Ines Somai
Client collaborators: Italian Red Cross & International Red Cross